• Instrument panels (modifications, manufacturing, design of hole positions, hole cuttings by CNC, Nextel paintings, instruments installation, electrical wirings)
  • Cockpit and upholstery renewals
  • Modifications, repairs, and inspections
  • Sealing the gaps of control surfaces with Mylar and Teflon tapes, positioning of turbulators
  • Refinishing of external glider surfaces
  • Registration and competition markings


  • Pneumetic instruments (Winter)
  • Radios & transponders (TRIG, TQ)
  • Trailers for sailplanes (Anschau)
  • Wing walkers, tow out bars, wing stands, one-man rigging equipment (SoaringXX)
  • Aircraft covers (Clouddancers)
  • Emergency parachutes (Spekon)